Lucky Pairs Baccarat

Lucky Pairs Baccarat

Many players who have enjoyed the action of table games at online casinos will know that many games offer side bets, especially when playing blackjack. Unfortunately, there are not many games, if any at all, that feature side bets when playing Baccarat online. However, since so many players favour side bets and want the added chance to win, there is an option when playing live dealer baccarat for players to place a Lucky Pairs side bet. Lucky Pairs Baccarat is a real money game only and cannot be played in a free mode, so players will have to be ready to place wagers to enjoy this side bet option.

Lucky Pairs baccarat is a game for players who are willing to take more of a risk when gambling. Since there are added chances to win, there is also a higher house edge. However, players can play the game without having to place the side bet, so Lucky Pairs can be enjoyed by gamblers with any sized budget.

When placing the Lucky Pairs side bet, players will be betting that the first two cards that are dealt are a pair. When players bet on the Player pair, they are hoping the player hand holds the pair. The same is true for the Banker Pair bet. It is even possible for players to bet on both options to increase their chances of winning. As soon as the first two cards are dealt, if there is a pair, those payouts are immediately aid before the rest of the hand is played. These pair bets will offer a payout of 11:1, so there are some handsome rewards that can be claimed if a pair does appear.

When playing at Microgaming online casinos, there is a Baccarat game with a bet called either Pair, which will pay 5:1. Those that love the game of baccarat will surely appreciate these side bet options, though there are not very common. However, with large payouts offered and a chance to recoup some losses, these betting options have become preferred by many real money baccarat players. Unfortunately, they are only offered with live dealer versions of the game at this time and cannot be found with standard online baccarat games. Side bets enhance the game, offer more excitement and present another way to collect payouts.

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