Olympic Summer Betting

The Olympics is a unique sporting event that generally occurs every four years in the summer and includes 33 different sports.



From the world-famous 100-meter final to the grueling marathon, the Olympic Games are renowned for displaying the greatest sports events in the world. During the summer of 2020, the Olympics will be viewed by fifty percent of the world’s population when thousands of athletes come in Japan to fulfill their lifelong dreams of winning gold.


We’ve researched the top Olympic betting sites and analyzed the markets to help you get started. Discover which Olympic sports are the most popular for wagering, which markets are worth monitoring, and basic wagering methods.


Olympic Betting Odds for 2020

Due to the coronavirus, this year’s athletics festival was postponed for a year, but the wait is finally over. Fans around the world are preparing to witness the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and many are also evaluating their betting possibilities before the games begin.


Olympic wagering is one of the most thrilling ways to follow your favorite athletes and maybe win a lot of money. With 33 sports, 50 disciplines, and 5,000 medals up for grabs, there are numerous opportunities to wager on Olympic odds and get closer to the action.


Popular Olympic Sports For Wagers

When most people think of the Olympics, athletics and gymnastics are the two sports that first come to mind. It is true that these two disciplines account for the majority of the action. Yet the beauty of having 33 different sports at one event is that everyone can find something they enjoy.


In addition, the sport’s global appeal does not always correspond to its betting market popularity. Football and golf, for instance, are not major Olympic sports, yet they are a hive of activity during the Games.


Listed here are the most popular Olympic sports for wagering.


Boxing \sAthletics


Swimming \sFootball

Golf \sHockey

As gamblers, we frequently gravitate toward known sports. Thus, markets for football and golf are prevalent. Since 1900, football has been an Olympic sport, although golf returned in 2016 after an absence of more than a century. Golf wagering was quite popular in Rio, and it should be the same in Tokyo.



Outside of the Olympics, individual sports such as swimming, athletics, and gymnastics do not generate significant wagers. During the three-week Games, though, everyone becomes an accomplished javelin thrower or pommel horse rider. Boxing is the ideal breeding ground for future professional superstars, and betting on boxing reaches a fever pitch when the medal fights begin.


As for Olympic hockey betting odds, the sport has seen a renaissance in popularity due to Australia and Great Britain’s recent dominance over the sport’s powerhouses Holland and Germany.


The Olympic Wagering Markets

With almost 5,000 medals awarded, it is not surprising that there are numerous Olympic betting lines throughout the summer. Bookmakers currently provide two primary market types: team and individual markets.


In team sports including football, basketball, handball, and rugby sevens, bets are frequently placed on the eventual gold medallist, as well as silver and bronze. Since the majority of these sports feature a group stage followed by knockout rounds, it is possible to wager on individual matches throughout the duration of the Olympic Games. These matchups provide the opportunity for hundreds of betting variables, including first goalscorer in football, handicaps in basketball, and innings betting in baseball.


Particular sports such as the 100-meter dash, heptathlon, tennis, and shot put focus on unique athletes, which may necessitate a deeper understanding of them. But, they are also wonderful opportunities not just to wager on your favorite characters, but also to follow them throughout the summer. In-play wagering on sporting events like tennis and boxing is a fantastic opportunity to get closer to the action and maybe win big.

Methods for wagering on the 2020 Olympic Games


Developing an Olympic betting strategy is the best way to enjoy all the activity and maintain a consistent wagering habit. Here are four Olympic betting ideas that you may find useful this summer:


Avoid the most well-attended events.

Despite the fact that everyone goes to athletics at the Olympics, niche sports are extremely valuable. You may not be familiar with events like weightlifting, canoeing, and taekwondo, but this is typically where you will find less realistic chances. Thus, favorites may be priced higher than usual, while underdogs are significantly better than their odds indicate.


Restore the hosts

It is established knowledge that host nations typically win more medals at their own Games. On average, the hosts can anticipate winning 20 more medals and about 11 more golds. Also, keep a watch out for Japanese competitors in gymnastics, judo, and wrestling, in particular.


Conduct research

You do not need to be an expert to enjoy betting on the 2020 Olympics, but it helps to have a basic understanding of the team or athlete you choose to back. The majority of new betting sites provide players with access to extensive statistical databases for the purpose of enhancing their understanding. If you are focusing on a specialized sport, watching the Olympics and taking notes on the commentators will also help you make more informed wagering decisions.


Take your time

The benefit of putting an Olympic wager is that there is no rush to do so. After all, the Games last for 16 days and there are tens of thousands of medals up for grabs. Be careful to research about, select the best online betting site for you, take advantage of promotional offers and free bets, and maintain self-control when placing calculated, intelligent wagers.

Historical context of the Olympic Games


In ancient Greece, approximately 700 B.C., city-states sent their best athletes, who were mostly soldiers, to compete in games such as sprinting, boxing, and chariot racing.


The first modern Olympics, inaugurated by Pierre de Coubertin in 1896, were held in Athens. During the one-week Games that April, just 14 nations competed in nine sports. Once owing to the First World War and twice due to the Second World War, the Olympics have been canceled three times and have been held on every continent except Africa.


The United States has already hosted the Olympic Games four times and will do so again in 2028. Both London and Paris have held the event three times, while Tokyo will host for the second time since 1964 this summer.


The Winter Olympics did not begin until 1924, with the French city of Chamonix hosting the first event. Over the years, bettors have been able to wager on a growing range of sports in the Winter Olympics, including ice hockey, skiing, and curling.

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