Ternion: A Review of the Slot

Ternion is a video slot machine developed by the Swedish company Microgaming and named after the Merriam-Webster definition of the word ternion, which is “a set or group of three.” Play’n GO does have a trio of components. Here we have a trio of superheroes that don’t seem to have any evident ties to Marvel, DC, or any other comic book publisher. We don’t have much information to go on, but it seems like we get an Ice Lady, a Blade Lady, and a Fire Man. Aspects of game are more obvious. There, they may keep an eye out for three different modifiers, one associated with each hero, as well as Doomsday Free Spins, during which the modifiers are “more powerful.”

Ternion might take place in Gotham, Metropolis, or New York, and its locale is just as mysterious as its history. Storm clouds are gathering over the game world, threatening to dump a deluge of water on the citizens of the town, or something more sinister is percolating just beyond the figurative horizon. Even after completing both the main game and the bonus round, it remains unclear who the villain is, if any. Could the heroes be environmentalists? Perhaps they are the bad guys after all. Countless uncertainties.

Players may get started by wagering anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin on their choice of desktop, mobile, or tablet. A slot machine with extreme variations in volatility and mood, this game may have an RTP anywhere from 96.00% to 96.20%. Mechanically, the action takes place on a game panel with 5 reels and 4 rows and 20 fixed paylines.

Payouts are given for combinations of three to five of a kind of any pay symbol. If your winning combination consists of 10-A pays, you’ll receive 1.5 to 2.5 times your wager; if you use crystal, ice woman, blade lady, and fire man symbols, you’ll receive 5 to 50 times your wager. The golden V/W-shaped symbol acts as a wild and may appear anywhere on the reels. Lines formed entirely of wild symbols are worth as much as those formed entirely of the male hero symbols, and wilds can replace any symbol except than the scatter.

Tense: Slot Functions

Ternion’s three heroes, each with their own unique modifier that can randomly activate throughout the main game, are evocative in concept of Moon Princess. The following are the results of these:

With Ice Shards, 3–10 random spots on the board will go wild.

With Blade Flurry, low-paying symbols vanish from the reels and are replaced by higher-paying ones.

Pillars of Flame—makes reels 1, 3, and 4 wild in their whole.

Free Games of Fateful Fate

The scatter symbol, which resembles a gold Rolex and appears on all five reels, is also significant. Doomsday Free Spins are triggered by landing 3–5 scatters during the main game, and their numbers range from 8–14. Two scatters appearing on the first two reels of the main game can activate the Call For Heroes extra feature. If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatters during the bonus game, you’ll get 4, 5, or 7 extra free spins, accordingly. There is a maximum of 38 free games up for grabs.

All three hero features become’more strong’ during free spins, and stacked wilds raise the multiplier by one. When crystal symbols appear during free games, they are added to a tally. Superpowers are granted to the hero after collecting 5 crystals. The higher the level, the greater the number of heroes that may be called upon at once.

Judgment: Slot Ternion

Ternion was a frustratingly evasive bike to critique. It appeared really moody, that’s for sure. Sometimes it was hardly noticeable, like Kryptonite to the equilibrium, and then it would start shooting off features like Cyclops taking off his ruby quartz glasses. Those who wish to test out Ternion need not worry about donning their own personal protective glasses. It’s another visually appealing slot from Play’n GO, with bright colors and three heroes that seem like they belong on daytime television. Not all of the music was thus impressive; in fact, the fast-paced yet tinny score during Doomsday Free Spins had the opposite effect of what was intended.

However, there were occasions when the features really shined and made up for any gaps in the audiovisual thrills. The highlight was getting four consecutive wild reels from the Pillars of Flame bonus, which the fire man triggered. The outcome wasn’t terrible given that they illuminated the first four reels of the gaming board. Overall, Ternion’s potential isn’t much better, topping out at 11,111 times the wager. What’s with that oddly precise figure? Not easy to say. Let’s just say it’s another one of Ternion’s enigmas.

By the conclusion, Ternion had provided a range of highs and lows, making for an enjoyable experience that didn’t quite stick with the player. It seemed like one of those solid, looking great, and having fascinating features Play’n GO releases that lacked a killing blow to take it over the top. While it’s obvious that Play’n GO is competent in its field, the impression is left that the developer would rather provide above-average slots than try to build something that makes players go “wow, what the fudge is this?” Perhaps it would be beneficial to prioritize quality above quantity.